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Rational ApProach

Natural systems-based land use planning is a tried and true method of reducing project costs.


Our experience gives us a broad range of practical solutions for on-site challenges.

Fair Expectations

You need only remunerate planning and architectural wages for professional services.


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Strategy & Design

The MacDonald Gray mission is to provide rational planning and design services with a specific focus on a natural systems-based approach to land development. Our site planning philosophy is based entirely on those patterns of development that have proven successful for generations. Natural systems-based site planning is a tried and true method of reducing project costs based on a triple bottom line approach. At MacDonald Gray, we believe in working with a site, rather than against it.

LAND USE PLANNERS & Landscape Architects

Together, we represent a broad cross-section of specialized knowledge and skills. Our partners, like us, believe that a more resilient and equitable approach to planning and design will lead to more relevant, contextual and vibrant public environment.

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